A Northeast Tradition Since 2008

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2008 Lobster Run

Founded in 2008, the FJ Northeasters was formed as a group of FJ Cruiser owners who got together to drove off-road and share technical resources.

The original get-togethers (known as "runs") were formed in Pennsylvania and Maine. There was only a handful of owners from the Northeast USA & Canada back then. As the group grew, its yearly event and web forum did too. As of 2013, the FJ Northeasters have become the largest Toyota SUV & truck owners group in the Northeast and boasts to be the largest gathering of Toyota trucks in the Northeast United States.

The club's signature event, The Northeast Run, has drawn increasingly more vehicles every year. The largest gathering of FJ Cruisers ever recorded happened in 2013 when over 110 FJ Cruisers gathered at Rausch Creek OffRoad Park for the Northeast Run.

Helping Local Communities

Every event the FJ Northeasters has held has generated a charitable donation to a worthy cause. Funds were raised by lobbying product manufacturers to sponsor the event in the form of donated products. The products were raffled off at the event dinner, where raffle tickets were sold. After some operating costs were paid for, the remained of raffle ticket sales proceeds were all donated.

Also occuring yearly, the FJ Northeasters has its annual Toys For Tots drive in November. In 2013, we raised over 200 toys which one of the clubs members, an active duty Marine, brought to the base as a donation on our behalf.

Who We Are

Tradesmen. Active duty servicemen. Fire & Rescue. IT professionals. Laborers. Police officers. Medical professionals. Salesman. Machinists. Architects. Photographers. Engineers. Government workers. Managers. Business owners. And some younger folks who are still studying. And the list goes on...

Where We Are

From Quebec to South Carolina. From the Atlantic coast to Indiana and everywhere in between. Some travel over 14 hours from New Brunswick to come to runs. Others drive just a few minutes up the street. We're in all Northeast states, in your local neighborhoods. In the cities and in the country.

If we have a home base, our current and former presidents are in Connecticut and we've gathered there several times.