Frequently Asked Questions

And other things (Updated 2/20/2017)

General Questions

What is the FJ Northeasters Northeast Run?
The Northeast Run started out as a 4x4 wheeling & meeting event for Toyota FJ Cruiser Owners from the Northeast part of North America. Over the last couple of years, it's attracted owners of other vehicles including Tacomas, 4Runners, Land Cruisers as well as Nissan Xterra's and Jeeps. All are welcome!
Who's behind this?
A group of FJ Cruiser owners who believed that the Northeast should have its own big event. The popular FJ Summit in Colorado is far for many of us, and seeing as we drew 170+ trucks in 2015, it's a little tough to get everyone across the country for a weekend.
Why are you doing this?
In a word: Charity, fun & friends!
Where is Rausch Creek Offroad Park (RCORP)?
Why did you choose Rausch Creek Offroad Park (RCORP)?
RCORP is a great park, there's plenty of room for all of us and there's a trail for everyone. The park has clear maps, a friendly, organized staff and the location is the best compromise for the spread of our members.
How much is the registration?
The registration fee is $75. That is for 1 person (Usually the truck owner/driver) and gives an event t-shirt, event decal, a coupon for the raffle dinner and 1 raffle ticket for the Saturday night raffle dinner. You may purchase additional decals & tshirts during the online registration process. Additional raffle tickets are on sale at the raffle dinner.
Is there any other charges?
RCORP has their standard entry fees. See their web site for more information at: Rausch Creek Offroad Park
Are you guys making any money with this?
All profits (if any) will be given to a charity of our choice. FJNE Some money (around $500) is retained for our yearly web hosting fees and a little is set aside for a summer get together where we serve burgers, dogs & soft drinks. All staff are volunteers who take their own time and money to keep things going.
How do I register?
Go here: Northeast Run Registration. We accept credit cards via PayPal. We do not generally accept cash, as the fees collected go towards paying for things like tshirts and stickers (that are included) and must be pre-ordered. Therefore, we have a cutoff date for refunds/cancellations of April 1st.
What's the deadline for the registration?
Your registration payment must be received no later than April 1st, 2017.
What if I want to register after April 1st 2017?
We will not refuse registration received after the deadline (we refer to these as "late registrations") Please understand that we need to place the order for the t-shirts, catered dinner and decals long enough in advance to make sure we have them have enough of them (and have them on time!) If you register past the deadline, we cannot gaurantee you will get a meal, decal or tshirt and the price will be adjusted based on this.
What about this meal? Tell me more please.
The food was great! We have used the same caterer the last two years and are happy with them. They offer 3 choices of main dish, side dishes, snacks and the club provides soft drinks. There are also child meals (10 and under) which are usually hot dogs or something along those lines.
So how is this whole thing gonna work when I get there? What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I talk to?
When you arrive at the park, look for the crowd of FJ Cruisers. Can't miss them. Say hello and we'll take care of you from there. More details are provided in our forum. Become a member, and check the thread about the 2017 Northeast Run.
I have a question that is not answered here, who do I contact?
Shoot an email to: info AT fjnortheasters DOT org, or contact "cthulhu" on the forum via personal message.
This seems like a lot of work, are you guys out of your mind ?

Questions About the Trails

Is my vehicle prepared for these trails?
We would need to know more about your vehicle. Most stock vehicles can handle the green trails, but of course there is exceptions. Since we can't provide detailed information about every possible vehicle, ask us on the forum or email us! We cannot flat out tell you if your vehicle is suited for the trails without knowing more about it.
How are the trails rated for difficulty?
Trail difficulty is rated by color, easiest to most technical: Green, blue, black, red and some mixed difficulties such as green/blue and blue/black.
What if I'm not sure which trails I want to run?
That's OK! It's very common that people aren't sure, or newcomers don't know what to expect. We have trail guides (Trail Leaders) who guide the trail runs, and they'll help you find a group that fits your build & experience level. Be honest about your abilities and expectations and you won't be disappointed!
What equipment should I bring for green trails?
On the green trails, you probably won't need anything fancy. If you get into trouble, your trail leader will be equipped to help you and will lead the recovery. If you own equipment and are comfortable using it already, by all means do so! These trails are the least technical. You'll have some nice views and some little obstacles to play on along the way -- but nothing too savory.
What equipment should I bring for blue trails?
On the blue trails, there's some equipment we like to see you have in order to protect your vehicle and be considerate to the rest of the group. If you're choosing blue trails, it's assumed you have some experience in off road driving -- you know how to cross a ditch, cross a berm, climb rocks, climb & descend hills properly and navigate a water crossing. It's also assumed you have sliders (rock rails,) heavy duty (aftermarket) skid plates, all-terrain or mud terrain tires with a good amount of tread on them, some lift (3" on most Toyota trucks & SUV's) and some recovery equipment (kinetic rope/strap, tow strap, shackles, etc.) If you have most of the equipment, but not all, we might still be able to get you in the group you are interested in. At the event, talk to the trail leaders. They can look over your vehicle and work with you -- that's what they're there for!
What do I need to run the black trails?
You will absolutely need 33" to 35" or larger tires, at least 3" (or more) of real suspension lift, a winch, aftermarket bumpers, full skid plates, sliders/rock rails and advanced experience driving off road. You should be prepared (both with equipment and experience/training) for a full recovery scenario. If you've got good driving experience, you should be fine but these trails can humble even the veteran wheelers. If you're a solid axle vehicle, you probably already know what to expect. IFS (Independent Front Suspension) vehicle can do these trails, but it will be slower going.
If I damage my vehicle, who is responsible?
YOU! The driver is 100% responsible for his/her vehicle. Our Trail Leaders/guides will do their best to "spot" (guide) you through obstacles, but in the end, it's your vehicle and you are responsble. We will do our best to help you stay out of trouble, and get you out of trouble if it happens -- but it is always the driver's responsibility to assess risks and weigh consequences. We will always do our utmost to help someone with a breakage or repair. We leave no one behind and will do everything we can to get you back on the road in the event of a problem. Historically, we've had very few problems. The few problems that were had, were by drivers who were experienced and knew the risks and were prepared to deal with the consequences. And they did, smiling the entire time! Attitude is very important. You're there to have fun, safely -- and get back home in one piece with great memories!

Other trail-related things

Will I need to pack a lunch?
Yes, and we're looking to have a food truck on-site which will have bag lunches to save you the trouble of packing your own lunch. In the past, the good truck offered a $5 bag lunch which included a sandwich, chips, soft drink and cookies/snack of some variety. We're negotiating with this food truck now to get them on-site this year again.
That said, it's good to bring a small "lunch box" type of cooler for yourself or you & your passengers. Plenty of drinks, water, some snacks, etc. Once you're out on the trails, expect to be out there all day.
Check back for updates on the food truck!
I have medical/personal needs. How should I handle this?
First off, any medications or other personal requirements, PLEASE BRING EXTRA! Not "just what you need" but some extra as well. If you need a pill to live, and drop it in the mud, that's a bad day. Plan ahead.
If you have other medical needs, please let your trail leader know. Discretion is not a problem, and everyone understands that there's all kinds of people with all kinds of needs at these runs. Nobody needs to know your business, and simply saying "I have to take care of something personal three times a day" is enough. Don't be shy or feel like you're holding anyone up -- but also, be considerate to all and let your trail leader know ahead of time that you have needs throughout the day. They're happy with work with it! For the record, those of you with medical conditions: you're not alone, and we're out there with you. We understand.
Are there rest rooms on the trails?
No. There are porta-potty facilities at the main parking area, but once you're out on the trails you can be up to an hour away from them. Be prepared with toilet paper/baby wipes/sanitary products/etc. and a small shovel to dig a small hole & bury "things." Bring some hand sanitizer for yourself, too! No one wants an awkward handshake. If you have to "go" in the woods, let people know where you're going so they know not to go over there. Don't be shy. They'll make sure everyone is clear so you can do your "business" in peace & privacy. This is a very commonly asked question, and we've been asked "how do I..." before. Here's a helpful article if you're new to "going" in the outdoors:

And if you're shy about this, that's OK! You're not the first first-timer we've had. Everyone has to go!
What about clothing?
You might get dirty! It's too soon to know the weather, so being prepared is paramount. Here's a short list of recommended clothing. If it's colder/warmer, you'll have to adjust your stuff based around this. Remember, you will be driving most of the time but will spend some time walking, taking pictures and generally enjoying the outdoors. Be prepared!
  • A good set of waterproof hiking shoes or boots is strongly recommended. You may be walking on rocks or wet surfaces. Nice shoes & sneakers often get destroyed by mud & rocks and can be slippery. The last thing you want is a twisted ankle.
  • Mud, Muck-style or rain boots are helpful. Sometimes things get muddy or wet (weather depending.) If you get stuck in mud, you will be very happy you brought these.
  • Extra socks can be the difference between a great day and a miserable day.
  • A raincoat, or some kind of waterproof jacket & hat to keep you dry in the event of rain.
  • An entire change of clothes is handy sometimes, but maybe overkill for the easier trails. An extra pair of pants is common.
  • A set of loose-fitting, leather work gloves can be helpful for picking up rocks or logs (blue & black trails) and are REQUIRED for all recoveries. We do not allow recoveries without the use of proper gloves. We want you to go back home with as many fingers as you left with.
  • If your children are with you, they'll probably need the extra clothing more than you will!
  • An extra fleece or hoodie, something to keep you warm if things cool off.
What about first aid?
We strongly recommend a basic first aid kit that includes some compression wraps and cold compresses. We have only had two serious injuries in ten years and they were due to slipping & falling on the rocks. Otherwise, we've only seen common bumps, scrapes, bruises and minor cuts. Be careful, take your time, watch your step, look where you're going and don't stick your fingers where they shouldn't be! Before you get out of your vehicle, look at the ground!
Are fire extinguishers required?
We don't require them, but we do like to see them! If you decide to bring one, a BC or ABC fire extinguisher, at least 2.5lbs that's accessible to the driver but not rolling around.
What about my cargo?
Things bouncing around inside the vehicle can be distracting and dangerous. Tie or strap things down. Put loose gear into bins, bags or boxes and tie them down. Watch out for things that can slide under your brake or gas pedals. Drinks should be, at the very least, in spill-proof cups. Phones, cameras, GoPro's, etc. should be secured. If you have a camera outside the vehicle, be sure it has some kind of leash on it in case the suction cup fails or is knocked off. Remember; if your camera or phone is going to drop, it's going to be in water. That is the law of the land. Consider the things you'll need to get at in a hurry such as recovery gear, first aid kits and so on and make sure they're easy to get to.
What is trail etiquette?
It's about being friendly and considerate to everyone else out on the trail. It's about letting "the other person" have the right-of-way, even if you don't have to. It's about respecting the other people out on the trail with you, even if they're not in your group or in the same brand of vehicle. Out of the trail, everything changes. Sure, we all joke around about different vehicles and what we don't like and like -- but out on the trail, forget all of that. Everyone out there is just like you; they're there to have fun and enjoy the park. Don't be "that guy." If someone else is being rude, take the higher ground. Go out, enjoy yourself and be friendly. Represent our community well. You'll be surprised at the comradery. Smile and wave at everyone. When other vehicles pull over to let you by, let them know how many vehicles are behind you so they know when the last vehicle has passed to prevent anyone in your group becoming seperated.
What about communications? Do I need a CB or HAM radio?
We don't require CB radios, but you will have a better time if you have one. It's much easier to communicate, prevent the group becoming seperated and the chat on the CB is fun.
Some members have HAM radios as well, and we use a HAM frequency on the trail (ask about this at the event.)
Your trail leader will tell you the CB channel plus an alternate channel before your group heads out on the trail.
Any general driving tips?
  • Two hands on the wheel and head on a swivel
  • Watch your mirrors
  • Glance to your mirrors at the vehicle behind you as you go along. Stop when they stop. Wait when they wait. If you don't have a CB/HAM radio, sound your horn to let the other vehicles know. EVERY DRIVER IS RESPONSIBLE for keeping the vehicle behind them in sight. If you cannot see the vehicle behind you, it's because you weren't paying attention and "lost" them. This is how people get seperated and lost. Leave no one behind, ever! Do your part.
  • Answer a text later. Call people back later. Upload your photos and videos later. Game face on the trail; fooling around with your phone is even worse on the trail than it is on the street. This is the #1 reason groups can get seperated.
  • Some further tips will be conveyed at the event at the driver's meeting every morning and by our trail leaders. You'll pick up some great tips.
  • Ask questions! The only stupid question is the one not asked!
What if I try a trail that I find to be too easy or too challenging?
Let your trail leader know. It's not uncommon, and if an easier/harder group is passing on the trail, you might be able to fall in with them. This happens and we're happy to work with you on it. If you'd like to change your trail difficulty to something other than what you chose at registration, that's not a problem. Again, let your trail leader(s) know at the event!


Can I bring my dog?
Yes but of course there's some considerations...keep reading!
Are dogs allowed at the park?
Yes, if they are on a leash. This is very important because there is vehicles moving in and out of the parking lot constantly. There's other dogs. There's children. Please, keep your dog leashed and under a watchful eye at all times.
Are dogs allowed at the hotel or campgrounds?
Most hotels in the area are pet-friendly. Double check when you make your reservations and don't take our word for it (please!)
Are dogs allowed at the raffle dinner?
No. If it's cool enough in the evening when the raffle dinner is happening, it might be OK to leave a dog in your vehicle. Consider the outside temperature before you plan on this, though!! If your dog isn't a "barker" then leaving it in the hotel room might be an option.
Anything else to consider for pets?
A pet first aid kit, extra food, a small portable water bowl, etc.