Northeast Run Sponsors

The vendors, people and organizations that support our charity efforts

We're proud of our sponsors, and they're proud to be a part of this event!

Our charity donation is fueled by funds generated from our raffle. Our raffle prizes are donated by these great sponsors. Without our sponsors, our efforts are extremely limited.

Please take a moment to honor our sponsors by visiting their web sites & social media pages. Get to know them, and when you need something, be sure to mention your an FJ Northeaster!

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Title Sponsor: Southeast Overland

A heavy hitter on the raffle floor & on the trail

Get in touch with Steve / Southeast Overland:

It is with great honor and privelege to have Southeast Overland as our Title Sponsor in our 10th year!

Steve Springs, proprietor and guru, will be attending the event and donating a generous supply of raffle prizes, as well a having products for sale on site. He's coming a long way, so be sure to get your pre-orders in to take advantage of delivery (no shipping!) and exclusive pre-order/member pricing!


On-Site Sponsor: Apex Overland

Living the dream

Get in touch with Josh / Apex Overland:

Please welcome a new sponsor: Apex Overland!

Apex Overland is a veteran owned and operated, overland and off-road adventure supply company. Josh Schaible of Apex Overland will be on-site with products for sale and is doing pre-event sales at a discount so you can be well equipped for the trails during and after the event. Josh is also running group buys leading up to the event that you can pick up from him when you arrive (save on shipping!). He will be out with (or leading, hint hint!) a group out on the trails. Meet Josh & get a taste of the overland lifestyle!

They don’t just supply it, they live it!


On-Site Sponsor: TNT 4x4

Custom parts & installation

Please welcome a new sponsor: TNT 4x4!

TNT4X4 is a full installation and retail facility located in central NJ near the 287/Turnpike/RT 1 intersections. We offer a wide variety of parts and enjoy using them offroad as much as we enjoy helping our customers.

Matt of TNT 4x4 from New Jersey will be on-site and ready for the trails. Talk to Matt ahead of time for special event pricing & delivery of items.

Get in touch with Matt / TNT 4x4:

On-Site Sponsor: GZila Designs

Oh no, there goes Tokyo...

Once again, GZila Designs steps up!

Get in touch with Greg / GZila Designs:

Greg from GZila Designs will be on-site and on the trails!

At GZila Designs, we design and manufacture customized products for every adventure. We will be on-site to display all of our products, such as, roof rack clamp mounts, fairleads, grab handles, recovery gear, and more... We strive to make a quality USA made product that exceeds anything already out on the market and at a better price tag! Send Greg an email today to ask about special pricing to those attending the FJNE Run!!


Sponsor: Metaltech 4x4

A staple in the Toyota community

Since day one, Metaltech has been a part of the Northeast Run

Get in touch with Metaltech 4x4:

Metal-tech 4x4 designs and builds high quality off-road products for Toyota 4x4’s using state of the art 3D scanning and CAD tools. In addition, Metal-tech 4x4 specializes in high performance suspension systems for most Toyota 4x4’s. Based in Portland Oregon, Metal-tech 4x4 distributes across the US and internationally in over 40 different countries. Metal-tech 4x4 started out in founding owner Mark Hawley’s garage in 1999. Officially formed as an LLC in 2000, Metal-tech Cage, LLC started by designing and building roll cages for FJ40 Toyota Land Cruisers. Modern day Metal-tech 4x4 employs 9 full time staff members across design and development, production, technical support and customer service. Protection Evolved continues to be not just our slogan but our way of thinking and innovating how we build and design the high performance off road products we craft.


Sponsor: Ironman 4x4

Ironman 4×4 products are designed in Australia and distributed throughout the world

Get in touch with Ironman 4x4:

Originally established in 1958, as a Melbourne based suspension parts manufacturer, named Jacob Spring Works. The company in 1982 took shape as JSW Parts, (short for Jacob Spring Works) to design and supply leaf and coil springs for cars, trucks, buses and 4×4 vehicles. JSW Parts soon became well known as a manufacturer and supplier of suspension parts all around the world.

In 1988 JSW Parts launched the Ironman 4×4 brand of springs and suspension parts in response to the increasing popularity of 4×4 vehicles, recognizing that standard suspension systems alone were not designed to cope with additional loads of bull bars, winches and extra fuel tanks.
Driven by explosive sales of 4×4’s, in 2004 the Ironman 4×4 range of products expanded quickly to meet the demand of off road users seeking solutions which would allow their vehicles to go off road loaded with accessories such as winches, recovery equipment, protective bars, canopies, lighting and electrical upgrades.

Today the vast continent of Australia serves as the perfect testing ground for Ironman 4×4 products, so whether crossing the outback in search of adventure or just driving the children to school in your local suburb, Ironman 4×4 can offer quality and value for money.
Many fleet and military organisations throughout the world have acknowledged the quality design and manufacture of Ironman 4×4 products. Together with these serious solutions, Ironman 4×4 products are also chosen the world over by offroad competition teams and drivers, and have successfully completed the Dakar Rally.

Ironman 4×4 products are stocked at our many warehouses including Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Perth. All warehouses are computer linked to our National Call Centre at the Melbourne Head Office, whilst Ironman 4x4s international warehousing and offices are headed up by Ironman 4 by 4 Thailand.

Ironman 4×4 provide great value for money solutions for all sectors within the 4×4 industry, with a versatile and forward thinking approach, whether it be recreational, military or commercial use we at Ironman 4×4 can safely say that you are using world class products


Sponsor: U.S. Offroad

All the way from Texas

A long time friend and supporter, U.S. Offroad

Get in touch with US Offroad:

Recovery Off Road, LLC dba U.S. Off Road is located in Granbury, Texas and is focused primarily on off road recovery type products, winch mounts lights and winches. In addition to our proprietary winch mount bumpers we offer an assortment of quality brands including Mean Mother, Baja Designs, Warn, Engo, Viper/MotoAlliance, MasterPull, ComeUp and more.


Sponsor: Orange Boxx Fabrication

A proud innovator

Get in touch with Orange Boxx:

Orange Boxx Design and Fabrication is all about customizing your off road vehicle. We realize that while customizing your specific vehicle you install parts and accessories that mean something to you; the owner/driver. We want to go that extra mile with you and design a part or accessory JUST FOR YOU AND YOUR VEHICLE! Thank you for looking at our products. All our products are quality made right here in the USA. We do not send our designs out for foreign countries to have made cheaper.

If you have any questions please contact us. We want you to be happy every time you open the door on your design. Are you in the military? Been in the military? In some sort of service job such as police or fire department? Ask me what this is about!


Sponsor: Rad Rubber Design

Made in the U.S.A.

Get in touch with Rad Rubber:

Home of FJ Fender Flaps, FJ HD Engine Splash Guards, 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, 80 Series Landcruiser and Lexus GX/Prado HD Engine Splash Guards and RAD RUBBER Light Guards! Innovative, problem solving automotive products made from rubber.​​ All products guaranteed and proudly made in the USA.


Sponsor: Maxtrax

Take the Easy Way Out!

Get in touch with Maxtrax:

Brad McCarthy, author of Dirty Weekends “The Essential 4WD Guides”, devised the idea for MAXTRAX in 2001 after a particularly stressful incident on a remote north Queensland beach where he almost lost his bogged vehicle to the incoming tide, despite being equipped with all of the traditional recovery equipment. Brad’s passion for the Australian bush, exploration and adventure sent him out, often solo throughout Queensland, to research bush tracks and locations to feature in his guide books.

From his experiences, Brad recognized the need for a system that makes vehicle recovery and extraction a safe, simple, one-person task and eliminates the need for any outside assistance such as towing, snatching, or winching. MAXTRAX came from Brad’s idea to develop a foolproof and fail-safe quality Australian made product to make extracting or recovering a stranded or bogged vehicle a safe, simple, quick and easy procedure. Due to Brad’s experience, ingenuity and “hands-on” research, the idea of an alternative and innovative vehicle recovery device that was safe, simple, quick and easy to use eventually came to fruition in the form of MAXTRAX.